Lake Como Art Festival!

Adam Kubert Commission List Open for Lake Como Art Festival! 

All requests must be submitted by Tuesday, May 3.

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Holiday Sale 2021!

Holiday Sale 2021

Happy Holidays everyone! This year the sale will start on Friday 11/26/21 and go through 12/26/21!

The sale will be same as previous years:

10% off code "holiday202110" for 
  • Steve McNiven
  • Klaus Janson
  • Mark Irwin
  • Wade vonGrawbadger
  • Creees

20% off code "holiday202120" for
  • Matteo Scalera
  • Bengal
  • Tim Sale
  • Lee Weeks

30% off code "holiday2021" for:
  • Eric Canete
  • Cully Hamner
  • Matteo Lolli
  • JG Jones
  • Andrew Robinson
  • Dave Johnson
  • Rod Reis
  • Shawn Crystal
  • Ramon Perez
  • Elia Bonetti
  • Tim Townsend
  • Mindy Lee
  • John Timms
  • Tommy Lee Edwards
  • Mitch Gerads
50% off all prints and books. Use Code "holiday202150" at checkout.

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Essentially Sequestered Con 2020

Essentially Sequestered Con & Art Sale! 2020
March 12th - 15th, 2020
Use code these codes for some great items!
'stayinghome' at checkout for 50% off all prints and books we have online (some exclusions apply)
'eshomesale' for 20% off OA on the site. (excludes Andy Kubert, JG Jones, Dave Finch, new Tim Townsend art)
Use code wadeartsale for 10% off all of Wade vonGrawbadgers art! 

Hey all,

Since we're all stuck at home we'll be taking a handful of commissions to be delivered by the end of March. The artists will be randomly drawing requests throughout the weekend. 

We'll be adding convention only books and prints throughout the weekend. Also every commission on OA order will receive an extra 11x17 print from a randomly selected artist. 

3/13/20- 11am EST watchable on Youtube and facebook
  • Eric Canete
  • Cully Hamner
  • Shawn Crystal
  • John Timms - 
3/13/20 2 pm Est: 
  • Andrew Robinson
  • Mindy Lee
  • Marco Santucci- Live from Italy!
11am EST - UPDATED TO NOON! Sorry! 
  • Dave Johnson
  • Dan Panosian
  • Maria Sanapo - Live from Italy!
  • Marco Santucci- Live from Italy!

2pm or so- UPDATED TO 3!
  • Creees
  • Shawn Crystal
  • Matteo Scalera
  • Eric Canete
  • TBA
  • TBA
Next weekend, Klaus Janson and more tba
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New York Comic Con 2019!

We're excited for this years New York Comic Con! The commission lists are now open for those interested. 

  1. Tim Sale - 200 Headshots, 400 Busts, 800 for full figures. Please note tim usually oinly does characters he's drawn professionally. 
  2. Juanjo Guarnido - 100 for headshot, 250 bust 500 full figure, 600 for full figures of non blacksad characters. Color can be added but he's only doing a few color pieces. 1200 for full figure and x2 for the smaller pieces. 
  3. Juan Diaz Canales - Just added
  4. Greg Hildebrandt - Not accepting at show requests but email us for info if you'd like something. Table J-21
  5. Klaus Janson - 250 head shots
  6. Matteo Scalera - 400 bust 800 full figure
  7. Cary Nord - 150 bust 300 full figure 500 1 character color
  8. Peach Momoko- Postcard Quick Chibi: $70
    8x10 HeadSketch: $200
    8x10 Bust: $300
    11x15 Full Figure: $500
    11x15 Full Figure w/bkg: $650
  9. Elia Bonetti-200 bust in bw
    300 bust in color
    300 full fig in bw
    400 full fig in color
  10. Matteo Lolli- table J-28
  11. 8x11
    Head: $100
    Bust/Half Figure: $200
    Bust: $250
    Full Figure:$350
    Add simple bkgs: $50
    Add Character 50% more
  12. Dan Panosian- 60 head sketches and 300 full figure (not doing all characters though)
  13. Dave Johnson- 150 bust 300 full figure, 500 inkwash
  14. Andrew Robinson- 200 bust, 400 full figure, 700 color
  15. Rod Reis - 80 head sketch bw
    100 headsketch color
    200 bust in bw
    300 bust in color
    350 full figure in color
  16. Bengal - 180 bust and 350 full figure
  17. Rian Gonzales- please email for info
  18. Mirko Colak- 60 head sketch, 125 bust, 250 full figure
  19. Lee Weeks - bringing pre done pieces and will decide at the show if he's taking requests. 
  20. John Timms - 200 bust and 400 full figure
  21. Cully Hamner - 150 bust 300 full figure 500 (2) characters 
  22. Khary Randolph- 9x12
    Bust-200- preshow only
    Full Figure-300 preshow only
  23. Ramon Perez - 150 bust 300 full figure 500 (2) characters
  24. Brad Anderson - Colors Headshot $60
                                                 Torso/bust $100
                                                 Full figure $150
                                                Full figure and bg or multiple figures $200+
  25. Sandra Hope - Not taking any inking commissions atm. 
  26. Andy Kubert - 850 head sketch, 1500 full figure (sketchcovers and 9x12 paper only)
  27. Adam Kubert - 850 head sketch, 1500 full figure (sketchcovers and 9x12 paper only)

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Lying Cat Update!

Lying Cat Update!

Thanks so much to everyone whose pre-ordered the Lying Cat doll! There was a little delay in shipping which has made it a little bit difficult to get these out in May as originally thought.

However theres good news! The dolls are now en route to be delivered on Tues June 21st in NJ.

So what does this mean? We'll be packing up the dolls ASAP and trying to get them to you within the next week or two. We have over 500 order to fill so it will take some time to make sure everyone gets there orders safe and sound.

Whats next? Once we have the orders ready to ship we'll send out tracking info via email you provided.

Thanks again for your patience and support!

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Tommy Lee Edwards joins Essential Sequential

After studying film and illustration at the Art Center College of Design, Tommy Lee Edwards took the comics industry by storm with his illustrations on such titles as The Question, Marvel 1985, Batman, and Turf (with co-creator Jonathan Ross). Proving to be one of the most respected and versatile artists working today, he has also designed video games like Command and Conquer, James Bond, and Prey.

Beyond illustrating countless pieces for books, merchandise, magazines, and posters, TLE perhaps feels most at home putting his imagination and storytelling flare to the test as a conceptual designer, storyboard artist, and director for film. He’s collaborated with the Hughes Brothers as the concept artist on their Denzel Washington epic The Book of Eli, and has also contributed to the design of many productions including Akira, Masters of the Universe, Harry Potter, Superman Returns, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and Batman Begins. Microsoft’s award-winning The Random Adventures of Brandon Generator utilized all aspects of storytelling technique, with TLE creating the ground-breaking interactive animated web-series from a script by Edgar Wright.

TLE just directed a music video for David Holmes’ new band Unloved, wrote and directed a multi-media film/music/comic series with Ed Banger Records and Dark Horse Comics called Vandroid.


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