Brandon Peterson Commission List for Heroes Con

I’ll be at the Heroes Convention in Charlotte, NC from June 24-36, 2022!

Hi everyone! After two and a half years away I’m doing conventions again. For obvious reasons, that part of the industry was pretty shut down for a while but it’s finally coming back in force. My first show will be at the Heroes Convention in Charlotte, NC from June 24-26. I’ve been to the show at least a dozen times over the years, it’s a fantastic convention for comic and art lovers, and I look forward to seeing everyone in person again soon. I’ll be setting up with a fantastic group of fellow artists with Essential Sequential ( and you can see the full lists of artists attending at In preparation for the show, I’m now taking a list of pre-show conventions with artwork to be picked up at the show. I haven’t done any new commissions since 2020, so this is a rare opportunity to get some custom artwork done by me. I’ve included some of my most recent examples in this post.

The pricing will be as follows: 9x12 Single character torso/bust in black and white for $250, 9x12 Single character torso bust in full watercolor for $500, 11x17 Single character in black and white with a background, cover quality for $1000, and 11x17 Single character in full watercolor with a background, cover quality for $2000.

I will be doing a limited number of commissions at the show, but I will be unable to do any of the larger more detailed 11x17 pieces while attending the convention as they require my full in-studio drawing setup to be done properly, so preordering those sized pieces is a must. I’d recommend contacting Jason at Essential Sequential at [email protected] as soon as possible to get on my list, as my time is limited and I’ve already got quite a list going without this announcement.

I look forward to seeing everyone in Charlotte!

Some sample images:

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